媒体报道-SURE Universal

媒体报道-SURE Universal

October 30th,2017


The Open Connectivity Foundation is Simplifying the Smart Home

Solving those interoperability and simplicity challenges seems like a tall task. It surely is, but it’s actively being explored by organizations like the Open Connectivity Foundation. With hundreds of members involved in their efforts, OCF says it is dedicated to ensuring “secure interoperability for consumers, businesses, and industries by delivering a standard communications platform.” That platform would essentially bridge all IoT specifications, removing the need for all of those network bridges, allowing devices to simply talk to one another no matter their form factor, or what specs or operating system they run on.

October 24th,2017


SURE Universal, Open Connectivity Foundation Plan Product Demos for CES 2018

One of the most challenging aspects of the smart home space—at least from the DIYer consumer market—is trying to get all of those damn devices to talk to one another and work like they’re supposed to. There are ways users can manipulate the IoT protocol through network bridges and other tools, but simplicity is key in this day and age, and the smart home hasn’t been so great on that front.

October 19th,2017

Residential Systems

Tel Aviv Company to Demo Software Based on OCF Standard During CES 2018

Tel Aviv-based SURE Universal, creators of next-generation software solutions for smart homes and IoT, will lead a series of product demonstrations at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January that it says will represent “a milestone in IoT“ market development.

October 19th,2017

The IT Nerd

SURE Universal And Open Connectivity Foundation Deliver Interoperability For The Connected Home

SURE Universal will spearhead a series of product demonstrations at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that will represent a milestone in IoT market development.

September 18th,2017


SURE Universal Announces "Universal Smart Home Solution", OCF Compatibility

Described as a "state-of-the-art software that immediately makes any existing STB into an interoperable, smart home gateway," the company seems to intend to take advantage of the potential synergy with their SURE Universal Remote app, which is already used by "more than 20 million consumers" on Android and iOS devices.

August 23rd,2017


The IoT Will Change Technology Retailing (For the Better)

For IoT sales to reach their true potential, the retailer has a crucial new role to play.

August 9th,2017


10 Must Have Apps for your Smartphone

What’s the point of owning a smartphone if you don’t use it to it’s full potential? I know a lot of people who buy the latest models and then use them only for Instagram or Facebook. What’s the point? After all, it has the word “smart” in it’s name for a reason.

July 31st,2017

Appy Geek

10 Best TV Remote Apps for Android

SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control is definitely verbose. It’s also one of the great TV remote apps. It works on a whole bunch of TVs. There is even support for Amazon Alexa.

July 26th,2017

Enterprise IoT Insights

SURE Universal First Mobile Client to Receive OCF Certification

SURE Universal reaches performance benchmark for connecting IoT products. SURE Universal, a provider of smart home and internet of things software, is the first client to be software certified by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

July 24th,2017

Mobile ID World

Aspiring IoT Standards Setter Makes First Certification, Promises Many More

An aspiring standards organization for the Internet of Thins has just minted its first certification: SURE Universal, a provider of smart home and IoT software, is now Open Connectivity Foundation-certified.

July 20th,2017

RFID Journal

SURE Universal Introduces Software-Defined IoT Platform Based On Open Connectivity Foundation Standard

SURE Universal Ltd. has announced its Software-Defined IoT (SD-IoTTM) platform, a software solution for digital media, smart homes and the Internet of Things. The company also offers an Android-based Set-Top Box (STB), which includes both smart TV and IoT gateway functionality

July 20th,2017

The IT Nerd

SURE Universal Introduces Software-Defined IoT Platform Based On Open Connectivity Foundation Standard

SURE Universal Ltd. introduces the Software-Defined IoT (SD-IoTTM) platform as the next-generation software solution for digital media, Smart Home, and IoT.

July 19th,2017

Next Geekers

12 Best TV Remote Apps for Android 2017

You can turn your Android phone into a remote control that can be used to function just about anything at your home with SURE Universal Remote. You can make use of the IR blaster on your system or WiFi to control things. And you can also use this remote app with Smart TVs to stream your photos and videos directly from your device to the TV.

July 18th,2017

Technology Integrator

SURE Universal Intros Software-Defined IoT Platform

SURE Universal has demonstrated their Software-Defined IoT Platform (SD-IoT) on an Android based Set-Top Box for both a Smart TV and IoT gateway at MWC Shanghai.

July 12th,2017

Wireless Wednesday Live

Axel’s look: SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal makes interaction between people and their appliances simple, with a new integration that will make the remote a complete solution for total control of one’s own home.

June 27th,2017


SURE To Debut Universal Remote App With Voice Command Capability At Mobile World Congress

Sure Universal, which markets a smartphone-based universal remote app, has added Amazon’s Alexa voice control to its capabilities

June 26th,2017

Technology Integrator

SURE Universal Introduces First Smartphone Remote Control with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa integration makes the SURE Universal Software Remote a complete solution for total control of your homeAmazon Alexa integration makes the SURE Universal Software Remote a complete solution for total control of your home

June 26th,2017

Deccan Chronicle

SURE Universal Introduces the Smartphone Remote Control with Amazon Alexa Integration

SURE Universal, creators of next-generation control solutions for home electronics and appliances, introduces Amazon Alexa integration to the SURE Universal Software Remote. SURE Universal will demonstrate the new app at Mobile World Congress Shanghai June 28 – July 1, 2017 in booth W5.B70

June 15th,2017

The IT Nerd

SURE Universal Shows How Next-Gen Advertising and Data Services Will Win The IoT

SURE Universal, the market leader in next-generation interface solutions for home electronics and appliances, has a message for the IoT companies that want to capitalize on it. Data services and ad-supported business models work beautifully today, and will be even more profitable tomorrow.

The Remote Challenge: Establishing Control of the Smart Home

SURE Universal delivers first Open Connectivity Foundation Certified mobile universal remote to enable simpler control of smart home appliances and electronics

May 19th,2017

IoT Journal

SURE Universal Intros Remote Control for IoT Devices

SURE Universal’s emergence as the first unified remote control for connected objects has placed the company at the forefront of IoT development

May 18th,2017

Internet of Things Today

The First Remote Control Platform For The IoT

SURE Universal has announced an extension of its IoT remote control solution. The new SURE Universal Platform incorporates a smart device server that can speak to all electronics inside the home, regardless of which enabling technology they use, and also incorporates cloud based data analytics. Together with the SURE Universal remote application, the SURE Universal Platform comprises a complete software solution for smart appliance manufacturers and vendors.

May 18th,2017

Samsung Newsroom‏

TDC 2017 Spotlights the Tizen Partnerships that are Creating a Seamlessly Connected Future

The Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017 is officially underway at San Francisco’s Hilton Union Square Hotel, where developers and device manufacturers from around the world have gathered to explore the many ways that the Tizen ecosystem is fostering exciting IoT innovations.

April 17th,2017

La Nueva España‏

Las Mejores Aplicaciones Digitales

Un Tinder para seriófilos, otra versión de la plataforma de filtros fotográficos Prisma y una mascota virtual entre las plataformas destacadas de la semana.

April 4th,2017

Tech Wire Asia

Next-gen solutions for the Internet of Things

According to Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle, the Internet of Things (IoT) is considered one of the largest groups of technologies that is shifting digital businesses into a “new era”. We’ve rounded up four innovative and forward-thinking IoT solution providers that can help you go further in the era of the Internet of Things.

April 4th,2017

Tech Wire Asia

Making Smart Simple with Tekoia’s SURE Universal Remote

It’s been predicted that nearly US$6 trillion will be spent on IoT over the next 5 years, and the market is growing at a sensational rate. From smart TVs and smart thermostats to home lighting and refrigerators, nearly every appliance manufacturer is going “smart” with their home products. Yet, these “smart” home products are often not as smart as we think.

January 31st,2017


Обновленное приложение Sure Universal Remote получило поддержку стандарта OFC

Компания Tekoia выпустила обновленную версию приложения для управления техникой Sure Universal Remote. С апдейтом программа получила сертификацию от организации Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), став первым приложением-клиентом с поддержкой стандартов OFC.

January 27th,2017

Sound & Vision

SURE Universal Remote App Review

The greatest app I have on my phone, at least that’s not messaging or cute dog related, is the SURE Universal remote app.

January 25th,2017

Digitial Trends

Tekoia’s SURE Universal Remote adds OCF support for smart home devices (Update)

The SURE Universal Remote app continues to strengthen its compatibility list to work with a growing list of components.

January 16th,2017


Open Connectivity Foundation Tries to Organize the Internet of Things

Tekoia CEO Viktor Ariel gives speech at CES 2017 on Open Connectivity Foundation. The consortium is making progress in developing common standards for connecting IoT devices, while other market players propose their own interoperable solutions

January 12th,2017


החודש שהיה: דירוג אפליקציות המובייל הישראליות – דצמבר 2016

האפליקציות שנוספו והוסרו מהרשימה וגם אלו שטיפסו אל ראש הטבלה – דירוג האפליקציות הישראליות לחודש דצמבר

January 4th,2017


Latest on Thread, OCF, Weave and ZigBee’s new dotdot Home Automation Layer at CES 2017

ZigBee lends smart-home application layer to Thread Group, branding it dotdot and demoing about 10 IoT products at CES 2017, all run through Resolution Products’ Helix security and home automation hub.

January 3rd,2017

Good Morning Gloucester


Say you’re on the road and bring a DVD player to play Game Of Thrones On Your Hotel TV and you forget the DVD player remote. On Android there’s a free app you can download to your cell phone “SURE Universal Remote” Which acts as a remote for a ton of different brand’s devices.

December 30th,2017


5 Best IR Blaster aka TV Remote Apps for Android

Your TV forms a major part of your appliance list and if you happen to lose its remote control, you can control it easily through your phone. However, you will need an IR Blaster aka TV Remote app that lets you do so. So, coming up is a list of the best IR Blaster apps that let you control your TV or any other appliance, smartly from your phone.

December 10th,2016


8 ideas para aprovechar un móvil viejo

Existen muchas formas de aprovechar un móvil viejo. Lo único que hace falta es un poco de imaginación y, en ocasiones, algo de maña.

November 24th,2016

Gadget Review

Best Universal Remote App

These days you can control your home theater via an app. But make SURE you have the necessary hardware.

November 22nd,2016


8 Creative Ideas To Recycle Your Mobile Phone Without Throwing It Out

When you’ve got a new smartphone, what do you do with your old mobile phones? You could exchange it or sell it to get a few bucks. But you might be getting the bad end of that deal. Repurposing your phone is a much better idea.

August 16th,2016

Digital Trends

Tekoia’s SURE Universal Remote App Gains Useful Updates for iOS, Android

Almost everyone is familiar with losing a remote, and while some TV and A/V receiver manufacturers are beginning to offer their own remote apps, not all of them do. That’s where apps like Tekoia’s SURE Universal Remote app come in.

Open Connectivity Foundation Announces 31 New Members

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a leading Internet of Things (IoT) standards body, announced the addition of 31 new member organizations including Bose Corporation, Comcast, Fujitsu Limited, Somfy and Tata Consultancy, growing membership to nearly 200 companies dedicated to creating a common IoT standard. In addition, OCF announced updated functionality to its specification.

June 23rd,2016

Science World Report

Tekoia’s SURE Universal Wins The Grand Award At Asia Smartphone Apps Contest

Tekoia’s SURE Universal won the overall Grand Award at Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016 in Hong Kong. This includes the Gold Award, the Grand Award in the Advertising and Marketing category and also received the Grand Award for the Best Overall App.

June 19th,2016

Israel 21C

Israel wins top prizes at the Asia Smartphone Apps contest

Three Israeli companies sweep the board at the Asian app competition held last week in Hong Kong.

June 16th,2016

PR Newswire

Winners of Asia Smartphone App Contest Announced at Asia Smartphone Apps Summit/Award Presentation Ceremony 2016

Industry elites and experts from smartphone apps industries across Asia gathered together at Cyberport in Hong Kong on Thursday 16 June for the Asia Smartphone Apps Summit cum Award Presentation Ceremony, which is organised by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association and sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), to share the glory of the winners of the 4th Asia Smartphone App Contest.

May 24th,2016

Israel 21C

Three Israeli startups go through to finals in Hong Kong app contest

Israeli mobile app developers, Castle Builders, Tekoia, and E.Soof have been picked to take part in the finals of the Asia Smartphone Apps competition to be held in June.

January 21st,2016


7 Asian IoT startups set to change the way you live

Internet of things (IoT) startups are playing a major role in transitioning us into a more interconnected and advanced digital ecosystem. Specifically in Asia, high urbanization rates, a rise in demand for new technologies and devices, as well as a booming manufacturing sector, have all contributed in positioning IoT for success in the region….With infrared (IR) and WiFi Tekoia’s SURE Universal solution operates appliances from within the home and outside. Tekoia’s solution can operate a variety of IR appliances such as TVs, cable boxes, air-conditioners and iRobot as well as WiFi appliances such as TVs, media streamers and Philips Hue lights.

January 15th,2016


5 Companies That Will Be Industry Changers In 2016

IoT settles in at home: There is nothing more exciting than having everything in your home connected. It was once a thing of sci-fi films, but now the Internet of Things is making it a reality. This industry is set to multiply in the next 12 months, and soon you’ll be seeing your kitchen communicate with your bathroom. Tekoia released a smartphone-based software that turns your phone into a home universal remote system. With a click of a button you can be connected to almost everything in your house, even when you’re not there.

January 7th,2016

Guiding Tech

The 3 Best IR Universal Remote Apps for Android Devices

Just in case you need another alternative to explore, you can try SURE Universal Remote. The app works with both, IR and Wireless devices. One thing I liked about the app is the ease with which you can switch between the remotes. You get tabs of the devices in the sidebar and then you can easily switch between them.

January 5th,2016


It’s Crucial to Keep Up With These 6 Digital Trends in 2016 – Adam Toren

Internet of Things (IoT) — perhaps the hottest abbreviation out there currently — is bringing new solutions to streamline many age-old and stagnant processes we are accustomed to. McKinsey Global Institute claims that IoT can create an economic impact of $2.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion annually by 2025…. Another company in this space is Tekoia which has developed SURE Universal Remote platform that connects users, appliances and appliance vendors.

December 14th,2015

Top 8

Top 8 | Remote Control Apps for Android

Tekoia Ltd’s SURE Universal Remote app is more of a combination of IR and WiFi to create something that could be considered a hybrid, I guess, but one that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s an app that will handle a range of different devices, from your IR controlled devices such as old TVs and set top boxes but will also be capable of tackling wi fi controlled things such as smart home devices and more.

December 7th,2015

The São Paulo Times

Our Weekly App Picks

A “Internet das Coisas” se refere a uma revolução tecnológica que tem como objetivo conectar os itens usados do dia a dia à rede mundial de computadores. Cada vez mais surgem eletrodomésticos, meios de transporte e até mesmo tênis, roupas e maçanetas conectadas à Internet e a outros dispositivos, como computadores e smartphones.
Foto: Tekoia

October 19th,2015


Our Weekly App Picks by Andres Martonik

If you still have a phone with an integrated IR port — like a Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 — you’ll want to give this app a try. SURE Universal Remote lets you program your phone to work as an IR remote for pretty much anything — TVs, cable boxes, media players, and even some AC units. It’ll even work to control some Wifi-connected boxes as well.

October 8th,2015


Best Universal Remote apps for Android by Clare Hopping

There’s no better way to get rid of remote control clutter than to get a universal remote app on your phone. We take a look at four top Android remote apps and reveal our best all-rounder.

September 27th,2015


22 startups in Asia that caught our eye by Emily Goh

Tel Aviv-based Tekoia claims to have developed the first universal smart remote for digital media, home automation, and internet of things (IOT). Their SURE Android App utilizes WiFi and infrared to manage TVs, airconditioners, and media devices straight from your smartphone.

September 22nd,2015


This app helps you control all your home appliances through your phone by Osman Husain

I admit to having a quirky personality. I love stocking up on fun gadgets and entertainment devices, but I hate keeping track of where I left each remote control. Further, my OCD nature means I’m prone to the occasional panic attack if any of them goes missing. Life would be so much simpler if I could stay true to my inner desire of existing as a lazy hermit without endless clutter piling up around me.

September 4th,2015

Droid Horizon

If you’re like me, you have a lot of digital devices at home, this means that again like me, you’ll have a lot of remote controls. As with a lot of things nowadays, there’s an app for that. Your smartphone can become your central hub for all your TV, speakers, cable boxes, etc. with SURE Universal Remote. Aside from that, it can also stream your pictures, videos, and music to your smart TV.

If you’re like me, you have a lot of digital devices at home, this means that again like me, you’ll have a lot of remote controls. As with a lot of things nowadays, there’s an app for that. Your smartphone can become your central hub for all your TV, speakers, cable boxes, etc. with SURE Universal Remote. Aside from that, it can also stream your pictures, videos, and music to your smart TV.

August 10th,2015

Wales Online

The apps and gadgets aimed at making home life easier by Nicholas Fearn

Apps are also powering the world of smart home tech. The Tekoia Sure Universal Remote is just one of them.To also read: The highest-flying young business and professional men in Wales today: Meet our 35 rising stars aged 35 and underAvailable free to download on Google Play, it allows you turn your smartphone into a remote for your connected home.With it, you can control appliances such as televisions, media streamers, hoovers, LED lights, sound systems and lots more.Viktor Arial, CEO of Tekoia, said: “How often do you find yourself wasting time looking for remotes around the home? Or when you have found it how often does it need new batteries?

July 14th,2015


MWC 2015: SURE Universal Remote brings O2O functionality

Tekoia will be showcasing its popular Android app SURE Universal Remote at this year’s MWC Asia. Launched worldwide a year ago and with nearly 1 million downloads, SURE Universal Remote enables consumers to take control of their connected home.It is compatible with around a million Infrared (IR) devices including TVs, sound systems, and air conditioners. In addition, SURE Universal Remote allows streaming of audiovisual content from your phone to smart TVs.

July 14th,2015


China’s stock market collapse: Conditions are ripe for increased Chinese investments in Israeli startups by Esther Loewy

The Chinese Stock market’s recent turmoil has led many to question the future for Chinese companies and investors. China has lots of available capital in need of a new home so where are the strong new investment opportunities facing the Chinese investor?Tekoia another example; the startup has a technology aimed at creating a user friendly mobile application to control your smart home. China is leading the world with IoT and smart home devices—Tekoia has attracted the major players in China and is set to lead the market. As cited in June’s Forbes profile on China, the big “ABT” players, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, are all competing on investments and acquisitions in services that add most value to consumers and businesses and with China leading the world in IoT – Tekoia is primed to leapfrog into the green ‘lifestyle management services’.

May 31st,2015


Best new apps for tablets & smartphones: by Mark Langshaw

There are few things more frustrating than misplacing your remote control, which is why having the option to use your smartphone as a backup is a godsend.SURE Universal Remote for Android devices turns your handset into a remote control for all of your devices, from smart TVs to streaming boxes, and even robot vacuum cleaners, if you happen to own one of those.Television sets from all of the major manufacturers, including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips and many more, are supported.

May 25th,2015


The Week’s Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps by Tom Pritchard

Remotes are a pain. They slide down the back of the sofa, need replacement batteries, and if you lose it there’s no way of finding it again. So why not use your phone? SURE Universal remote will turn your phone into a remote control for all of your devices. That includes Smart TVs, streaming sticks, your regular TV (if your device has IR) and more.

May 21st,2015

Android Community

SURE Universal Remote app makes your smartphone a media control hub by Ida Torres

If you have a lot of digital devices at home in your multi-media home theater system, this also means that you have a lot of remote controls on hand and it gets a little bit confusing. As with a lot of things now, there’s an app for that. Your smartphone can become your control hub for all your TV, speakers, cable boxes, etc. with SURE Universal Remote. Aside from that, it can also stream your pictures, videos, and music to your smart TV.

May 21st,2015

Number Direct

No TV Remote? No Problem, Thanks To A New App

Isn’t it so annoying when you have to have multiple remotes for different purposes? It’s particularly annoying when you happen to misplace one down the back of the sofa. Well, thanks to a new app from the geniuses at Tekoia, it’s no longer a big deal. Now, you can use your smartphone to control your smart appliances.

May 20th,2015

IT ProPortal

There’s an app that turns your phone into a universal remote

You can turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote and control every smart device in your home, thanks to a new app available worldwide today.Tekoia, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, smart appliances and the Internet of Things, today announced it launched SURE globally.SURE is an Android-only app which enables users to control all smart house appliances such as TVs and sound systems

May 18th,2015


Tekoia Launches SURE Remote to Control the Connected Home by Tre Lawrence

SURE Universal Remote is a new utility that looks to help users get a hold of the ever-increasing set of connected devices and appliances that are becoming more commonplace in the average home. In other words, it turns one’s compatible Android device into a smart remote control of sorts via IR and wi-fi functionality.

May 12th,2015


Tekoia’s SURE Mote Handles Home Entertainment and More by Laura McQuarrie

Even though the Internet of Things is on the rise, not all smart systems are compatible with others—but SmartMote is a universal remote control app for Android devices that is equipped to tackle them all. From home entertainment systems to smart appliances, Wi-Fi connections, security cameras and thermostats, SmartMote controls it all. The app from Tekoia boasts having the codes for more than 1,000 devices in its databases, which should mean that connectivity, compatibility and communication should not be an issue.

January 6th,2015


Tekoia’s SURE Mote turns your smartphone into a remote for controlling your smart home by Chanelle Bessette

As entertainment systems, connected-home technology, and Internet of Things devices proliferate, one question remains to be answered: How are we to control all this hardware? Tekoia thinks it has the answer with SureMote: A universal remote-control app for the Android operating system. And it’s free

October 2nd,2014


SUREMote Turns Your Android Phone Into A Remote For Any Wi-Fi Connected Device At Home by Kim Mai Cutler

I don’t think I’ve used a remote control in a year. Perhaps several years. They’re cheap. They get lost easily and sometimes you end up with ten of them…

October 5th,2014


SUREMote Makes Your Android Phone a Remote For Any Wi-Fi Device You Own by Kate Knibbs

Want to throw away your pile of remotes, but don’t want to shell out for a pricy universal remote device? It’s getting easier to just use your smartphone to change the channel. SureMote, a free app that debuted an updated version this weekend, wants you to control every appliance in your house with your phone. It allows users to flip through channels on smart TVs, make sure a Roomba is cleaning the right corners, and control LED lights, no remotes required.

October 6th,2014

Tech App

Best 10 Android Apps This Week by Radu Tyrsina

SUREMote is a universal remote control app that lets you control your TV and all other appliances in a very simple way. The app makes use of the built-in Infrared (IR) blaster in Samsung Galaxy, LG G3, and HTC One smartphones

October 7th,2014

Before It’s News

SUREMote Turns Your Android Phone Into A Remote For Any Wi-Fi Connected Device At Home

I don’t think I’ve used a remote control in a year. Perhaps several years. They’re cheap. They get lost easily and sometimes you end up with ten of them. But an Israeli company called Tekoia is trying to consolidate those devices through an app called SureMote that links to Wifi-connected home appliances.