SURE Universal Platform Gains OCF Certification After Kyrio’s Testing

Date : 1-10-2017

SURE Universal Platform Gains OCF Certification After Kyrio's Testing

SURE Universal’s SURE is the first and only mobile client certified by OCF; Kyrio is an OCF approved Authorized Test Lab accelerating IoT devices to market

LOUISVILLE, Colorado, January 10, 2017Kyrio, a provider of unique testing solutions for network technology services, is proud to congratulate SURE Universal for having one of the first client applications certified by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

“Thanks to Kyrio’s quick and professional testing service, SURE Universal is the first smart remote to meet the stringent OCF standards. It is a real honor for SURE Universal to be certified by OCF, but it’s also a win for consumers and enterprises everywhere as it heralds a new era of greater interoperability for IoT,” said Viktor Ariel, the Founder and CEO of SURE Universal. “It is quite incredible that all the leading IoT vendors agreed on a single OCF standard. Now, SURE Universal’s compliant mobile client enables hardware businesses to focus on better IoT products.”

SURE Universal is the leading provider of smartphone universal remote control solutions for digital media, home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). SURE Universal Remote platform puts users in the center of the remotely-controlled universe. “SURE supports over 1 million different infra-red (IR) legacy appliances, and OCF certification means SURE is interoperable in the smart homes of today and the future,” said Wylie Nelson, VP of Testing Services at Kyrio. “We congratulate SURE Universal on attaining OCF certification and are excited by their efforts to connect different users, appliances, and vendors by delivering exceptional interoperability.” With billions of connected devices (appliances, smartphones, computers, cars and industrial equipment) anticipated by 2020, Kyrios OCF certification testing service makes it possible for companies to securely connect IoT ecosystems, regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport. The OCF standard is widely recognized with support from 300 members around the world – spanning consumer, enterprise, industrial, automotive, and health industries. OCF is the leading IoT and smart home consortium in the world and includes CableLabs, Cisco, Haier, Intel, LG, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, and among its members. The recently launched OCF certification program is expected to become the industry standard for IoT interoperability. OCF’s goal is to unify IoT standards so that companies and developers can create IoT solutions and devices that work seamlessly together.
About SURE Universal SURE Universal develops the SURE software platform including SURE universal remote and SURE Cloud. SURE Universal remote can be used to control digital media, home automation, and IoT devices. SURE Universal’s SURE Cloud powers IoT data monetization through partnerships with leading advertising and insurance companies. An Israel-based company, SURE Universal is founded by an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of mobile devices, consumer electronics, and international business partnerships.
About Kyrio Kyrio brings the value of proven communications-based technologies to markets and businesses committed to high growth by delivering technology innovations to improve the broadband and wireless experience, including Wi-Fi performance testing, Wi-Fi roaming across networks, and extended security management. Kyrio also offers solutions to improve the online buying experience for home based and business services.
About Kyrio Testing Services Kyrio Testing Services provides certification, interoperability, performance, and compatibility testing services for a wide variety of networked devices. Kyrio’s team of skilled engineers have the deep understanding and knowledge required to improve wireless performance and the end user experience so businesses can deliver high-performing access points. Learn more at
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