SURE Universal Rolls Out Extended Versions of its Universal Remote App for Android and iPhone

Date : 8-9-2015

SURE Universal Rolls Out Extended Versions of its Universal Remote App for Android and iPhone

Committed to supporting all appliances and devices, SURE Universal unveils new iPhone version and extended smart appliance functionality for Android

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 9, 2016 – SURE Universal, the No.1 ranked and rated Universal Remote app for Android, launched today a new version of its award-winning SURE Universal Remote.

The iOS version takes advantage of a new partnership with Broadlink. All iPhones, and some android devices, do not have infrared (IR) blasters, which prevents users from controlling infrared appliances, a problem solved by Broadlink’s, WiFi-to-IR converter.

The new version for Android includes several important updates, such as compatibility for Sonos’ Smart Speaker system , as well as Kodi, a free and open source media player application. SURE Universal now gives users the ability to stream content directly from their phones to any DLNA-supported device, and SURE extended its smart home capabilities adding support for the Wulian iCam.

Additionally, a “backup and restore” functionality was added to the new SURE Universal Remote, so users can save their device information and remotes to SURE Universal’s SURE cloud. This also allows user authentication with login, logout and password recovery.

SURE Universal remote app can be used to control more than one million different digital media devices and smart home appliances across 5,000 brands, while delivering great user experience and ease-of-use. Users can also display pictures and videos from their phones directly to a smart TV.

“We are always working to improve our user experience and listen to user suggestions. The new version of SURE includes a number of features that our users requested, particularly in the new iOS version and the smart appliance capabilities for the Android version,” said Viktor Ariel, CEO and Founder of SURE Universal. “Additionally, we are very excited to support products from Sonos and Kodi as we continue to extend our ability to deliver an unmatched smart home experience for our users.”

About SURE Universal

SURE Universal develops the SURE software platform including SURE universal remote and SURE Cloud. SURE Universal remote can be used to control digital media, home automation, and IoT devices. SURE Universal’s SURE Cloud powers IoT data monetization through partnerships with leading advertising and insurance companies. An Israel-based company, SURE Universal is founded by an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of mobile devices, consumer electronics, and international business partnerships. Learn more at

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