Turn Your Smartphone Into a Universal Remote That Also Streams Pictures and Videos to Your Smart TV

Date : 5-18-2015

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Universal Remote That Also Streams Pictures and Videos to Your Smart TV

Take command of your connected home with SURE for Android – control your TV, stream pictures, videos, and music, and lots more using your smartphone

London, UK. May 12th 2015SURE Universal, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, smart appliances and the Internet of Things, today announces the global launch of SURE universal remote the Android app that turns your smartphone into a remote to control your connected home. By using SURE, people can forget about having different remotes for their TV, sound system or other smart appliances in the home. SURE universal remote enables users to control appliances within the home via a simple-to-use, slick and intuitive mobile app. Using IR and WiFi technology, SURE can control smart TVs such as LG smart TV and streaming products such as Roku. As mentioned, SURE supports streaming TV and media player, Roku. Using the app, users have the ability to control their Roku 3 through WiFi and stream pictures, videos and music from their phone to their TV. Meaning users can achieve advanced smart TV functionality with Roku and SURE even if they don’t have a smart TV. SURE can also be used as a keyboard when supporting the Roku service to simplify search for your favorite program. For LG smart TVs, SURE can also serve as a mouse, allowing for games to be played with a wave of the hand using the user’s smartphone. “How often do you find yourself wasting time looking for remotes around the home? Or when you have found it how often does it need new batteries? We created SURE universal remote to solve this problem. The remote control like many products before it is outdated and it became apparent to us that the smartphone is becoming much more augmented with every new model, so why not have it replace our remote controls as well?” said Viktor Ariel, CEO, SURE Universal. “The main reason people are adopting smart technology within their homes is because of how seamless and efficient it is. So why should they accept anything less with how they can control these appliances? SURE empowers users to control their smart appliances in a quick and easy way. Just the way it should be,” continued Ariel. SURE is available to download for free from Google Play. For more information, please visit www.sureuniversal.com.

About SURE Universal

SURE Universal is developing software solutions for a smart universal remote that can be used with digital media, home automation, and IoT devices. SURE Universal’s Smart Universal Remote (SURE) platform puts users in the center of the remotely controlled universe. An Israel-based company, SURE Universal is founded by an experienced management team with vast knowledge of mobile devices, consumer electronics, and international business collaboration. The SURE Universal Remote received the top innovative technology prize at the Israel Conference 2014.

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