The Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE) is a collaboration in the field of Biomedical Sciences between Zhejiang University of China and The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Biomedical Sciences covers the functioning of the human body at molecular, cellular, organ and systems levels in health and disease. Biomedical scientists use knowledge gained by research across a range of related disciplines, including physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, immunology and neuroscience, and apply this knowledge to increase understanding of normal bodily functions and in the analysis of disease mechanisms. The research carried out by biomedical scientists is fundamental for new developments and innovations in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

image of the institute buildings

International campus

The Universities have established an international research institute at the International Campus of Zhejiang University in Haining, Zhejiang, that builds on the existing strengths of both, and aims to foster collaborations in teaching and research.

The newly built International Campus has state of the art learning and teaching facilities as well as student-centred support structures. In addition, it provides extensive sports and leisure opportunities, exceptional accommodation and a high-class catering service. You can find out more about our campus here.

All students who graduate from ZJE are eligible for two degrees: A Bachelor of Science (Hons) from The University of Edinburgh and Bachelor of Science from Zhejiang University.